Isala Columbretes

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The Columbrete islands are a set of four groups of volcanic islands which together have 0.19 km ┬▓ located 30 miles (48.2 km ) east of Cape Oropesa, built in the municipality of Castellon de la Plana , in the province of Castell├│n ( Spain ) .

The island groups are:  Columbrete Grande,  La Ferrera, La Horadada and The Brig 1 calls in Valencian, respectively, Illa Grossa , La Ferrera, The Foradada and The Carallot . In addition , there are numerous pitfalls in the archipelago and downs. Some islands also have are: Baluato , Bait , Churruca , The 3 rocks Brigantine , Bauza Islet , Islet Espinosa, Lobo Islet , Islet Menendez Nuñez .

At the same time , the Columbrete Islands are a premier destination for scuba divers from around the world , due to the transparency of its waters, the beauty of its funds and the variety and quantity of plant and animal species that harbors .


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